Cheese Suluguni 400g/pkt

Cheese Suluguni 400g/pkt


Fresh pasta filata type cheese, fat content in dry matter 45 %, humidity

of defatted cheese 68%.

Sulguni is the national cheese of Caucasus people: there it is made

since ancient times. This cheese is matured in brine. Sulguni is still being prepared without preservatives and

other synthetic components, so it is a natural and very useful product that

contains a lot of vitamins, essential oils, microelements and many other

nutrients. Nutrition per 100 g

Energy 305 kcal / 1269 kJ;

Protein 24 g; Carbohydrates 0,2 g, inc. sugar 0,0 g;

Fat 23 g, inc. saturated fatty acids 16,0 g;

Salt 2,0 g;

Packaging: thermoforming film;

Storage tº: 0 ºС to +8 ºС;

Latvia 400g





    Unfortunately due to the nature of this product being food, for hygiene and quality purposes, this item is not returnable nor refunadable.