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This cod fish steak is pre-portioned to 200gram and full of omega oil goodness. This is one of the most premium fishes in the market. Aboslutely perfect for any ocassion, and not just to impress your next date! 


Cod fish is what most people know it as, but this is actually Chiliean Seabass or scientifcally known as Patagonian Toothfish. Known for its richness in omega, this is an awesome oily fish that can be cooked in many ways.


Product Specification

Cod Fish 300gram pre-portioned steak


Country of Origin

Pacific Waters


Best Stored

Frozen, best consumed within 30 days. Once thawed do not re-freeze.


Cooking Tip

Can be cooked in different ways, from grilling to pan searing. You almost can never go wrong cooking this fish. Can be cooked on its own with some salt and pepper.

Cod Fish 300gm