Curdled Milk 4% 400g/pkt


Probiotic drink. Curdled milk - one of the tastiest and heaviest dairy products. Curds obtained by milk adding lactic acid bacteria in pure culture, formed seamless and smooth texture with a mild, pleasantly acidic taste.


Curdled milk the body uses better than sweet milk it is also lactic acid, which hinders the decay processes digestive organs. curdled milk contain high levels of protein, calcium and other substances necessary for the body. curdled milk has less sugar than sweet milk, but contains more B vitamins. It has a beneficial effect on the digestive organs.


Ingredients: whole milk, lactic bacteria. Energy value: 257kJ / 61kcal. 100g of product contains: fat 4.0g, including saturated fatty acids 2.6g, carbohydrates 3.0g, including sugar 0.5g, protein 3.2g, salt 0.41g. Storage temperature + 2 to + 6°C. Country of origin: Latvia





    Unfortunately due to the nature of this product being food, for hygiene and quality purposes, this item is not returnable nor refunadable.



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