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Scampi also know as river prawn or big head prawn is famous for the roe found in its head. The scampi's meat is lightly flavored hence some seasoning will be needed. This is commonly used in Thai cuisine, where the scampi is cut into half, and steam or grilled with garlic or cheese. This also allows the roe from the head to flow into other parts of the meat for further taste.


Product Specification

Large Scampi / River Prawn, 1 piece approximatley 90 grams, sold per piece.


Country of Origin



Best Stored

Frozen, best consumed within 30 days. Once thawed do not re-freeze.


Cooking Tip

Always cut into half and grill or steam. You want to get the most out of the roe from the head!

Large Scampi / River Prawn