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Many people are not familiar with this star of a fish as it is rare to find. The mouse grouper is the undisputed king of all Grouper types of fish, and has a unique appearance, from a hump backed to its black pokka dots. Our mouse groupers are all wild caught by hand line in the oceans of Indonesia.


The several restaurants who serve this fish here charge anywhere from $80 or more for a small sized mouse grouper. This fish is certainly a must have especially if you've never tried it before, and what better way than to buy it here online.


Product Specification

Mouse Grouper whole clean and gutted, Approximately 800grams.


Country of Origin



Best Stored

Frozen, best consumed within 30 days. Do not re-freeze once thawed.


Cooking Tip

Best served steamed anyway you like!

Mouse Grouper 800gm