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Patin is a fresh water fish, that is famous for its oiliness and richness in omega. Our patin comes from the rivers of Sarawak and is wild caught. The fish gets its famous chinese name of 水果鱼 or fruit fish from the fact that it loves to feed on fruits on and around the river. The head of the fish is by far the best part, and it is common for the fish to be cut into 3 parts, the head, body, and tail. That's basically 3 meals from 1 fish!


Product Specification

Patin 水果鱼  Fish that is whole and cleaned. Approximately 2.5KG


Country of Origin

Sarawak, Malaysia


Best Stored

Frozen, best consumed within 30 days. If you're portioning it, semi-defrost, portion and re-freeze the other parts not going to be used.


Cooking Tip

Best cooked steamed any style you like.

Patin Fish 水果鱼, 2.5KG