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Everybody loves burgers! What better way than to use or wagyu patties that are made of 100% pure wagyu meat. The wagyu has a marbeling (MBS) of 4/5, and we've used egg as the meat binder, this helps with preventing the patty from shrinking too much due to cooking. This patty is not just fragrant but just melts in your mouth. Absolutely perfect for any ocassion, and not just to impress your next date!


Wagyu is a unique breed of cow that has amongst its key attributes, awesome marbling and superior beef quality.


Product Specification

Wagyu Burger Patties, 100 gram patties, comes 10 patties to a pack.


Country of Origin



Best Stored

Frozen, best consumed within 30 days. Once thawed do not re-freeze.


Cooking Tip

Perfect for the grill! We simply love adding some cheese inbetween patties, and its our go to patty especially for BBQs.

Wagyu Burger Patty 10pcs