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Already pre sliced to 2mm thick, the perfect thickness for shabu shabu. The wagyu eyeround has a marbeling (MBS) of 4/5, and just melts in your mouth. Aboslutely perfect for any ocassion, and not just your next at home steamboat session.


Wagyu is a unique breed of cow that has amongst its key attributes, awesome marbling and superior beef quality.


Product Specification

Wagyu Eyeround Shabu Shabu MBS 4/5, 500 gram pre-portioned slices.


Country of Origin



Best Stored

Frozen, best consumed within 30 days. Once thawed do not re-freeze.


Cooking Tip

Perfect for your next hot pot at home, or stir fry...

Wagyu Eyeround Shabu Shabu Australia 500gm