Brands We Represent


Humpty Doo Barramundi, Australia

We are the sole distributors for this premium, saltwater Barramundi that is sustainably grown in a 100% Australian family owned and operated farm, halfway between Darwin and Kakadu National Park in Australia’s Northern Territory. 

The Barramundi is grown within a saltwater wetland system where the water is cleaned using saltwater grasses and recirculated again and again. This award-winning system helps us manage the quality of the water and the eating quality of the fish. They BAP and ASC certified, and their fish feed is also sustainable. It is made in Australia by Ridley and backed by Global Gap and FeedSafe accreditation. 

The Barramundi is rich in omega 3, has zero mud taste, and has a 21 day chiller shelf life from harvest. The fish comes in various sizes, the largest being 3KG +/-.  DCFS has shipments arriving weekly from Australia and are able to process the barramundi locally in Singapore based on your specifications as well.


Tavne Ltd Trading as Achill Oysters

DCFS is the sole distributorship of Achill Oysters in Singapore. Achill oysters are a verified Origin Green member, in recognition of their work on environmental sustainability.

The stock raised are Pacific Oysters (crassostrea gigas), although their diet is 100% Atlantic – filtered from the Class A certified wild waters off the west coast of Ireland. They grow in a sandy bay, which lies atop an ancient, sunken peat bog – the source of our oysters’ unique taste.

Achill oysters’ are deep cup, derived from the constant movement of the ocean through the trestles. Every order is dispatched through their own dedicated centre and arrives into Singapore within 3-4days of Harvest.

La Famille Boutrais

Superb french oysters, with a variety of grades to choose from. We carry all types of their selection from the most common and popular  Céline oyster that grows in Mont-Saint-Michel Bay. The oyster has a good meat ratio with a crisp ocean brine.

The Sentinelles or Specials are actually grown in Ireland but seeds are from France, these oysters are usually more full/plump.

The Ostra Regal oyster is a super special oyster from this farm, with a remarkable flesh content of up to 18% of the shell. It is produced exclusively by the Boutrais family, a family of Breton oyster farmers working on Breton and Irish oyster lands.




Pacific West Foods Pte Ltd

One of the biggest ready to eat manufacturers in Malaysia.Their products can be found in supermarkets, and are a fan favourite amongst restaurants in Singapore.

Irish Duck Company

The famed Silverhill Irish Duck needs no introduction. This product is used across fine-dining, Michelin and mid-high end Chinese restaurants.

DCFS is one of the company' with the distributorship rights.